10 Great Self Esteem Tips that Guarantee Success

Everyone can use some self esteem tips every now and then. Self esteem is more than self confidence. It is how we assess ourselves. There are occasions when confident people are actually low on self esteem. If confidence is just an ingredient, what then is self esteem?

It is how we feel, our attitude toward ourselves, our self concept. A person who has good self esteem accepts himself for who he is, imperfect yet a unique one-of-a-kind type of person who is capable of loving and being loved. In other words, a person with good self esteem can live life to the fullest. Here are helpful self esteem tips we could follow.

1. Always start the day right. Each morning you wake up, remind yourself that you are a worthy, wonderful, valuable individual. You deserve to live up to your potential and embrace the wonderful person that is in you.

2. Remember that you are here on earth for a purpose. It does not matter how great or small it is, it makes us important in this world. Know that purpose and do it.

3. Think positive. Don’t let undue criticism affect you. Know the naturally supportive people in your life. They are the best people to be around with. As much as possible, avoid negative vibes, they are weights that will pull you down.

4. Set goals that are realistic and follow through them. It is a great way to build your self confidence and self esteem.

5. Compliment yourself everyday. Keep a record of your everyday achievements or just anything good you have done for the day. This will make you realize the many good qualities you have. It will improve your self worth.

6. Deal with the blues. We all have our ups and downs. It is not bad to have them once in a while – we are only human beings with emotions. But do not stay down there too long. Take control of the bad feelings. Quick shifting is a good exercise. Think of positive happy moments you have had and let this take over the momentary bad episode.

7. Consciously tell yourself that you are a likeable person. However, if you want to have acceptance from other people, you must be able to tell yourself that you are going to like them as well. In everything you do, you can be almost 100% sure that the vibes you send out will come back to you. So do not be afraid, make the first move of getting to know people and accept them as they are. Boost their self esteem and, in the process, they will boost yours.

8. Know yourself. Realistically acknowledge your strength and limitations. However, it is not a bad idea to try to move an inch further from what you acknowledge as your limitations. Always give yourself room for improvement. The ability to assess ourselves accurately is about knowing ourselves and accepting ourselves as a valuable individual.

9. Learn something new each day. Keep abreast with the latest in the news and current events. This will help you get along with the people around you.

10. Include humor in your everyday life. Make smiles and laughter happen, it is contagious.

Real self esteem is something that comes from deep down, consciously or unconsciously. Self confidence comes from accepting your imperfections, limitations and things that cannot be changed. Know that you are precious because you are a creation by God.

All talk or written words are useless if we do not realize that fact. Your failures in the past belong to the past. No one on earth knows what tomorrow will bring. However, today is a gift – that is why it is called the present, so savor it. Once you come to practice these self esteem tips, you will find yourself enjoying life to the fullest.

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