5 Steps to Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem, we need to first get a definition for this: a confidence and satisfaction in oneself, this is from Merriam-Webster definition. So where do we get this confidence, from other people’s opinions, from books or from within. In this life we know we are born and we die, but what is the purpose between? There are a million different answers and the variables are endless. I can make a case that men in power have created purpose for society so that their needs are met, but this is not the same as nature intended.

There are 6 billion people on earth and 5.9999 billion of them don’t even know you or I exist so don’t expect to gain self-esteem from them. So we are left with us and what we feel is important for us to accomplish which lends to our self-esteem. Here are 5 elements for self-esteem:Choose to be happyHonor core valuesMaintain a positive attitudeProtect yourself from “Bad” influencesUnleash what your passionate aboutWe live in a crazy world bombarded by all sorts of media. We are made to feel that if you don’t own a big house or a expensive car or don’t make X amount of money you are a failure. We have gotten so bad that there is a association called (NASE) National Association for Self-Esteem.

Folks, I beg you lets run from the madness and get back to basics of a healthy mind and body. Limit your T.V. viewing and let the world do what it has to do. Your or I are not going to change the path of world events so lets take care of what we can change which is us. This is a world full of people trying to break-down your self-esteem in one way or another, know your enemy. Your self-esteem is not dependent on there words it is dependent on your actions.

Here in Las Vegas they are tearing down buildings all the time and building newer ones, this might be what you need to do. Strip away all the junk from the past and build a new and better you. There is no law that says you can’t start fresh. Reject someone trying to recount the past because you know they will and stand firm in the new you.

In my middle aged years poor health caused me to make many bad decisions and my self-esteem was zero I had two choices give up or not. For a while I gave up, but you get to the point where you have nothing to lose by trying. Just by trying you gain self-esteem and you are a winner even if you don’t always win.

You don’t have to have a big house or a big car all you have to do is feel good about you and self-esteem is in gear. Let all these poor souls fight over there “things” while you and I sit back in good health and enjoy what life freely gives, happiness.

My passion is health, well being and happiness.

Remember One Life – One Body

Ric Bai is the Founder of the Health Hub Dedicated to Health through Natural Means. For more information on how to become independently healthy visit the Health Hub Series and see how easy we make it. http://www.healthhublearningseries.blogspot.com

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