5 Ways to Help Your Spouse Raise Their Low Self Esteem

A wife has low self-esteem most likely your marriage will suffer. One of the couples who lack self esteem can bring about cheating, child or spousal abuse, divorce or money difficulties. If your wife has low self-esteem and you don’t think it makes a difference, you might discover the hard way that it really does make a lot of difference.

This kind of problem can erode the foundations of your marriage until there is not much left. It might not immediately have an effect on the marriage, but when it does, watch out, it could be dangerous. Obviously this can have disastrous effects on the relationship.

You cannot force anyone to have more self-esteem because it has to come from from themselves. With that being said, it is possible, however, to help them to work on their self-esteem issues, but they are the one who has to improve the way that they look at themselves.

Here are some suggestions to aid your spouse in this important task.

1. Love them unconditionally. Your love shouldn’t be linked to their success. When they do something wrong, don’t show that you are upset with them. Nobody is perfect, even you. Therefore, If they make a mistake, let them know that you still love them regardless.

2. Always show your support for them. Be careful that your spouse always feels that you are behind them. When someone criticizes your husband/wife, stand up for them. The relationship between a husband and wife is supposed to supersede other relationships. Stand by your spouse and show total support.

3. Be respectful to your spouse. You don’t have to let them do all that they want to do, but you be as mannerly as possible with them. “Excuse me” and “please” give a person a feeling that they have some worth.. Doing that or nagging is disrespectful and demeaning and will crush their self-esteem even more. One of the main characteristics of low self esteem is that they feel that they don’t deserve any respect from anyone. Therefore if you speak demeaning to them you will assist in strengthening their flawed self look. On the other hand, respect will alter or at least modify their opinion about themselves and will raise their self esteem.

4. Show that you are grateful when they do something.. When they help around the house or help you run some of your errands, show them that you appreciate what they did and how it helped you. If you have children, complement their parenting skills, when it is appropriate.. If you are being honest and loving, you will see many things your spouse does which really help you.

5. Make sure to share the credit. Someone who suffers from low self esteem truly believes that they make no difference in anyone’s life. Your job then, is to point out these things to others and to your spouse. Let your spouse know how much you realize their accomplishments and how much they make a difference.

Your wife’s or husband’s low self esteem is the root of lots of marital problems. You can’t change them but you can surely help them to build their self esteem. Implement the above 5 ideas and watch your spouse’s self esteem raise.

If you have a spouse who suffers from low self esteem YOU have to do something to get YOUR life in order. If you want to start living again then visit www.repairyourmarriagecenter.com and find how you can improve your marriage despite your spouse’s low self esteem.

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