A Closer Look At Causes Of Low Self Esteem

A persons self esteem all depends on the way they see the world around them combined with the way they feel about themselves. Many times the way people treat them while they are young can also play a role in the way they feel. A persons self esteem can affect their happiness, or it can make them miserable. When someone has a high self esteem, life can seem smooth and wonderful, most of the time having supportive friends and family. With low self esteem, many feel like nothing in life is pleasant and does not understand why family and friends do not seem to help matters much. Understanding the causes of low self esteem can help those relate to those with self esteem problems.

There are usually real reasons for someone to develop low self esteem. Sometimes the problems stem from childhood and have been carried over to their adult years. Most of the time, self esteem issues can be worked out with therapy and looking at life differently than they have been. Understanding what to look for and understanding what they are going through can help friends and family become more supportive of the situation.

One reason for self esteem issues reaches back to their childhood. When a child gets constant ridicule and down grading, it tends to stick with them throughout their adulthood. It can greatly affect the way they deal with everyday issues when they get older.

Another reason for low self esteem is the persons appearance. When someone is overweight and do not look as they would like, it will often cause self esteem issues as well as depression. This can be reversible by trying to improve appearance and getting plenty of exercise. A support group will help dealing with the serious challenge of losing weight and getting in shape.

Alcoholism and drug abuse can also cause someone to develop a very low self esteem. This type of abuse usually ends in family and legal problems, which will in turn, cause depression.

There have been studies that proved that there is a direct link between obesity and depression. This can cause someone to have low self esteem, even if they are successful in every other way.

Another reason for low self esteem that can be reversible is not having a purpose. Jobs often do more good than anything in situations such as this. Doing something productive in life is the reason many of us get out of bed in the morning. Without having a purpose, many men will develop low self esteem.

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