A Few Ways To Break Out Of The Low Self Esteem Prison

Did I grab your attention?

A Prison is a place of physical confinement and restriction to various levels of personal freedom.

The post in context: I feel the word prison captures the effects of experiencing low self esteem which are isolation, little or no self worth, frustration, depression………

Low Self Esteem refers to the perception of an individual, viewing himself as inadequate, unworthy, unlovable, and/or incompetent

You become IMPRISONED with the feelings of insecurity, take fewer risks, communicate less and this restricts various opportunities available for your personal growth or development.

An article on the BBC website dated the 9th of July 2009 states Self Help Makes You Feel Worse. While my opinion differs from that statement in the context of positive and progressive personal development, I tend to agree with the concept of the article and support the statement by Simon Gelsthorpe, a psychologist with Bradford District Care Trust.

Low self eteem signs are as follows:

The doubts of making any personal achievement and. being too scared to try out new things to enhance your personal development. Feeling uncomfortable with your looks – too fat, too slim, too short, too tall. Always worrying about getting even with people. Always being the victim, blaming others for your problems

Tips to break out of the low self esteem prison

Engage in activities you like. Engage in activities that you like, knowing you can excel. This boosts your level of confidence. Know what aspects of your life that need development. It improves your personal/professional growth, promotes your strengths and fosters positive relationships or work ethics e.tc. Your talents, abilities should be maximized to their optimal level in order to achieve purpose and direction for your life. When you identify and engage in these areas with purpose, you earn the self-esteem that you feel you deserve.

Find the perfect motivation for changing these aspects in your life and dont expect a sudden miracle. Building self-esteem needs purpose and the need to accept changes in your life. Know that patience is a virtue, go slow but sure.

Dont be too hard on yourself. This is a negative trait which over time, develops into low self esteem. Stop flogging yourself over mistakes over the past. Learn from your experiences and avoid comparing yourself to other people

Indulge in lifes joys. Spoil yourself occasionally and dont feel guilty about it. Rest on your laurels for every victory gained. Take pleasure in, the feeling of euphoria for being able to surpass lifes challenges. Know your limitations. Know when to push and when to rest. There will always be times when situations will come to a plateau and you are confused on how to proceed. Follow your instincts and learn to be patient.

Who you associate with influences your thoughts, actions and behaviour. Negative people tend to downplay your ideas, walk over you, patronize you etc. This significantly lowers your self esteem.

Acknowledge compliments and constructive criticisms. Positive compliments and constructive criticisms (this shouldnt be likened to negative talks about your person) shouldnt be ignored at all. When you put yourself in a position of not being teachable or unworthy praises for work done, or good character possessed, it reflects low self esteem. Be gracious when receiving compliments or criticisms because they make you better person. It creates a sense of value and allows you contribute positively to the life of others.

Find out your purpose. Lay down in specific terms what you want to achieve in your life. Being realistic about your goals will enable you formulate specific steps on how to achieve that purpose. When you know what you want, you should be able to set concrete, achievable and measurable goals. Never aspire to have unrealistic expectations because its end result is low self esteem, depression, disenchantment.

A few tips:

Examine yourself

Know your strengths

List your goals

Break down your goals

Be Optimistic

Set a time frame.

People can help you in achieving your goals.

People behind bars often dream of a better life/future.

Deal with Low self esteem

Are you ready to break out of the low self esteem prison?

It will be interesting to have your comments

Ayo Olaniyan is a licensed Unitive Life Coach and Counsellor. He is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, an accredited professional counsellor with the Counselling Society.You can go to the website Discovering Purpose to read or subscribe to personal growth articles. Creating a purpose driven life through personal growth

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