Are Low Self Esteem Symptoms Bad For Your Health

Low self-esteem is both physically and mentally damaging to an individual. It can be an emotional breaking point for many people, if let untreated it can result in suicide and numerous other physical and mental conditions. It’s important to recognize some of the signs and what a person can do to stop them before they get out of control.

Depression is obviously the first and most recognizable symptom of low self-esteem, is very dangerous without treatment, and can lead to the end of the person life. A depressed person will feel useless, hopeless and desperate.

As a result of these three negative emotions, they will pull away from everyone feeling that they are only causing the family and friends anguish. Low-esteem is the result of negative thoughts about one’s self therapy and often temporary use of prescription medications is all that is need to lift the clouds and let the sun shine through again.

Anxiety and panic disorders steam form the negative thoughts and emotions a person with low self-esteem has about themselves. They become so desperate to escape the real world. When this happens, they develop fears and phobias of all kinds and can no longer function as a practicable person does. Fear takes over their lives often resulting in them becoming housebound for years.

Stress is a normal part of life however it can be overwhelming to someone that has a low self-esteem. Because of having low self-esteem they will not usually take the steps necessary to relieve or avoid the stress and this in itself can cause the stress to increase.

Weight gain from a psychological viewpoint is a way to cover up the internal hurts that are causing the low self-esteem. If a person gains weight, they often feel that no one will want to bother with them; this is most commonly seen in victims of rape and other demeaning type crimes that relate to low-esteem. Many people also find comfort in food; food doesn’t argue with them or verbally abuse them. Food is their only friend.

Weight loss is another tell-tell sign of low self-esteem. The person will either starve himself or herself if they feel they are to “fat” to love or that the answer to all their problems is through weight loss unfortunately, they will find that weight loss has nothing to do with the way they see themselves. The mirror in which the physical body appears is not the same mirror that our emotions look though.

Addictions are another very common occurrence in people who suffer from low self-esteem. They turn to illegal drug or prescription meds as an escape from what they have created and perceive to be their reality.

When in fact the drugs are only a temporary break from low self-esteem issues and create a whole new set of problems. The physical effects drugs are devastating on the body and the mind. These substances also cause brain damage or death if the addiction is not handled.

Alcohol abuse is another form of addiction. There are a number of people that will try to drown their problems in booze in order to feel better about themselves. The think of alcohol as their friend because it gives them a false confidence in place of the real confidence they have yet developed.

It makes them think they invincible and this false bravado allows them to do things they would not attempt otherwise. The problem with this addiction is that over time it damages the liver, causes heart disease and even contributes to cancer development.

Low self-esteem is a horrible thing for a person to have to endure and the secondary conditions such as the ones listed above only barely begin to scratch the surface of mental and physical problems it can cause. If you or someone you know is suffering from no or low self-esteem try to convince them to get help, you might just save their life!

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