Better Self-Esteem – Four Steps To Improve Your Self-Esteem

You can have everything in place with the right education, job, background, etc. But if you do not have good self-esteem, you are not getting the success you deserve.

We have looked at many different aspects in acquiring success. But if you do not get your self-esteem in place to obtain everything else in the world, you will not be really satisfied.

How do we accomplish this? In order to understand what self-esteem does, we must understand what self-esteem is. The best way to do this is to compare self-esteem with self-confidence.

Do you know the difference? When you understand what the difference is, you can also achieve anything at all, because you can differentiate between the two. Self-confidence according to me, is that value you make of the surrounding world on what you do. When you create a lot of success within business, sports or something else and become recognized for this, the chances are good that you will develop good self-confidence.

Self-esteem on the other hand is your internal value of yourself irrespective of what the surrounding world thinks. You can have enormous success outwardly or not get any recognition whatsoever, but your self-esteem is intact. Do you see the difference?

Let us take an example: You have Sam who is the top executive at a leading company in the IT field. All is going well and Sams self-confidence is high. Suddenly the market collapses and Sam is fired. Depending on what Sam has for fundamental values about himself (self-esteem), his behavior returns to the basics (self-esteem). With poor self-esteem, Sam collapses and we never hear from him again. With good self-esteem, perhaps Sam takes a half of a year off and comes back later, stronger than ever. Certainly, you have seen both types of people?

Can you develop your self-esteem so that you do not become broken when your self-confidence gives way? Of course! It is simple but it is not easy.

What can a person do?

1. Create a fundamental security that is not based on extraneous results
2. Realize what it is and develop it
3. With this foundation you will be on the path to the success that you want
4. Now you have both self-esteem and self-confidence

As mentioned, it is simple, but not easy. Therefore many different directions have emerged on how to develop your self-esteem. It can be anything at all from yoga to meditation to coaching. Find the way that passes you best.

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From Hans Thorn – The Success Coach at Personal Coaching Online

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