Focus On Personal Poise For Lasting Confidence And Self Esteem Building

Understanding what personal poise is, is critical to lasting confidence building, high self esteem, personal growth and self actualization. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about what personal poise is in real terms.

Such misconceptions have hindered many people from productive self improvement, self growth and esteem building. If you accept the subtle influences around you regarding what poise is, you may not go far in your personal growth and you will be limited in your drive for self actualization. If you really want to attain your potential, and to be on top of your world, with self actualization, do not let this happen to you!

If you are interested in sustainable personal growth, lasting confidence or esteem building, and self actualization you need to understand and focus on building better personal poise. Here is a little exercise for starter. Before you read further, take a pen and a note. Jot down five characteristics you think a well-poised person should possess. Just take, say, five minutes to think and reflect on your personal experience or assumptions regarding what you think a well-poised person is. Do that now.

How many of your five items have to do with the person’s outward appearance or carriage? Now, to be venturesome in this exercise, ask a few relatives, friends, or associates to each write down or tell you what they think are three of the characteristics of a well-poised person. How do they rate? Chances are that most of the characteristics they volunteered are about a person’s appearance, elegance or carriage.

Experience has shown that misconceptions regarding confidence, poise and social influence is pervasive. One aspect has to do with how people link personal appearance with qualities of personal poise and personal competencies. Most people use what they see in movies, pop stars or TV commercials to conclude on issues of personal poise. In this way, many wrongly believe that personal poise is a matter of the body. Thus, in essence, confusing elegance with poise.

Elegance is a matter of appearance. Poise is beyond appearance. In real sense, personal poise is more than a matter of the body…of the appearance. It is a matter of the heart-and of the mind! Poise has to do with social ease, emotional balance and mental acuity. In a much broader sense, poise has to do with self-mastery and the capacity to be on top of things, particularly under stress and adversities. Poise is more about the heart-and the mind-than about the body.

It is important to understand this difference clearly at this point. If you find this to be a hard buy, you are not alone. Nevertheless, understanding this difference and accepting what personal poise is – in real terms – underpins the basic knowledge you should have in order for you to engage in productive self growth, lasting confidence or esteem building, and sustainable drive for self actualization.

Personal poise is more of your mental and emotional soundness and sharpness than your appearance. If you really understand, accept and focus on this difference in your self improvement or self actualization drive, you will achieve sustainable personal growth. With this understanding, start on an appropriate program of personal poise development for lasting confidence building and self actualization and you will make remarkable progress.

Dr. Oladele Akin-Ogundeji, leads, helping people in self-esteem development to be on top of their world. He is also President of OD Synergy, providing businesses organizational development consulting for sustainable high performance. Better Poise Builder offers insightful self-esteem training.

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