High Self Esteem Tips and the Most Important Ways to Improve Them

Self-esteem is basically how you think or feel about yourself. Self-esteem is said to come from internal sources. When there is a healthy self-esteem people feel comfortable worth themselves and do not depend on other people to make them feel good about themselves. With healthy/ high self-esteem people are confident and aware of their strengths and abilities. Outside sources cause low self-esteem and affect the internal health which is the major factor of high self-esteem. Origin of self-esteem. People’s internal images evolve through their lives since childhood. The images are build based on experiences they encounter with different people. The images come based on how success and failures are treated by people around us like teachers, parents, religious leaders or even our coaches. Basically, self-esteem is created based on how people are treated by others through experiences and activities. Healthy self-esteem is good since it gives people the courage to try new things and the power to believe in themselves. It highly leads to respect even when one makes mistakes. High self-esteem majorly helps in making good choices about the mind and the body. It also leads to valuing one’s feelings, health and safety.
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