How Self Esteem Can Be Built

To be a success in life and accomplish the many dreams you have as a young person, it is necessary to have a positive outlook on life and have a positive image of yourself. How self esteem is built has been the subject of study for many years, and it is a proven fact that those folks who have had positive influences in their lives, have grown up with a good self image; whereas those people who were not so fortunate, have a negative self image and usually do not prosper nearly as well.

How society perceives us as we grow and develop is a major factor in how self esteem is built, because we rely on input from others to act as a gauge as to our popularity, our worth to that society, and how valuable we feel we are to others in that society. If we feel inadequate, for whatever reason, we have doubts about ourselves and as a result a negative self image develops and that can be a tremendous influence on how we view ourselves and how we interact with society; people with a positive self image are much more successful than those without one.

One of the major causes of negative self image we find when we study how self esteem is built, is the tremendous influence that parental interaction has. A loving, rewarding experience with your parents while maturing will produce a positive self image, but a negative experience with your parents who just did not show love, or did not feel that you were worthy of their love; will produce the opposite. There are other factors at play here as well; if you had trouble with authority figures who made you feel insignificant, or teachers who made you feel stupid; or siblings and friends you teased you to the point of tears; all these can figure in a feeling of negative self worth.

We all know people in life who are go getters, always taking on all kinds of responsibilities, take the initiative in many situations, and go after what it is they want out of life—-these are the folks who have come up through the years with a positive self image and a lot of self confidence and self esteem. Conversely, the person with the negative self image cannot ever seem to pull his life together, has little desire to take on adversity or responsibility, quite often is introverted, and can’t seem to make anything work or accomplish any goals in life.

It is important to understand how self esteem is built and to use that information to develop your own opinion of yourself. Be aware of how you talk; be positive—no negative talk because it affects the way you perceive yourself. You are just as good as the next person and you need to correct the negative thoughts that run through your head. Practice talking positively to yourself in the mirror and you will be amazed at how well the positive input works after a while.

Building confidence in yourself by building self worth is another way how self esteem is built, and a major factor in building confidence is not always trying to please others, but start taking chances and make decisions so that you can increase a good feeling of solidarity within yourself. Avoid negative people, and face your fears—-that can be the first step—then appreciate yourself and reward yourself; you will find how much better your whole outlook will be in the future.

Maintaining a positive outlook in life and a good self image can be just the shot in the arm that your self esteem needs, and once you understand how self esteem is built and practice those principles; you will find that your life will improve significantly and your outlook on life will be quite different. Avoid all those negative factors that bring you down and get you upset and force all those negative feelings you have about yourself to the surface; instead focus on what it is that makes you feel good and keeps your self image as positive as possible.

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