How To Manage Self Esteem

Exactly what is self esteem? Generally, the value and respect any individual has towards oneself is the standard description of self esteem. Also playing a part in it, however, is having self respect and a confidence in ones image. A lot of value should be placed on self esteem because it almost always guides how we interact with other people and how we treat them. People with low self esteem usually have no confidence in anything they do and have almost no reliance in themselves.

It is essential that people understand exactly what self esteem is so that they can evaluate themselves and assess their knowledge of the subject. Just knowing about self esteem can assist someone to make a decision to work on their self esteem and to improve it considerably.

Self esteem is what keeps us going and helps us to cope with the many challenges we are faced with in life on a daily basis. In reality, the self confidence and belief we have in ourselves forms the way we deal with such obstacles and any necessary decision making. It is one of our greatest assets when navigating our way through life.

When we have good self esteem we are more decisive and convey confidence. This gives us the power to deal with others, and to help us take on new experiences and the risks that may come with them. Self esteem can be simply put as how we push ourselves forward in life. A high level of self esteem can be misconstrued by others as arrogance and over confidence.

Our self esteem not only affects how we behave towards other people, but also how we react to ourselves. It can be the deciding factor to our success or failure. Self esteem plays an important role in our lives and helps us to be confident in life in general as well as coping with all the obstacles we are likely to face during our lifetimes.

What Influences a Person’s Self-Esteem?

The support and assurance of our friends and family plays a huge part in the cultivation of our self esteem. When our friends and family members support us from our early years our confidence will be enhanced through to adulthood. Quite often adults with a low level of self esteem can benefit as they lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on to other family members, helping them with their problems and encouraging them to express their feelings

Children and adolescents may experience a difficult time knowing and understanding exactly what self esteem is but, nonetheless they can actually feel it. Adults who do understand what self esteem is all about but have low levels of it may also find it difficult to get to grips with. People who have low self esteem should always be encouraged and guided in order to build on their self esteem levels and become more confident in life with everything they do.

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