How To Overcome Poor Self Esteem

Do you struggle day after day with poor self esteem? Do you watch in complete disbelief as people with unstoppable self confidence move through life so easily?

Without hesitation, these people function effortlessly in any social situation, they step fearlessly out of their perceived comfort zone, they exercise complete confidence in making decisions, they easily persuade and influence others, and their ability to accomplish anything they want is awe inspiring.

Why does everything simply fall their way, and nothing falls your way? You work just as hard, or even harder, and yet nothing comes your way.

For you, life has become a constant, daily struggle against self doubt and insecurity. Life without these feelings is completely foreign to you.

In your younger days you were filled with the hopes and dreams of the future. A lovely home, a romantic marriage, and wonderful friends. However, these things have never come to you. Why?

Poor self esteem is completely real to you. In fact, it is so real, that you may think of it as the reason you have yet to receive your long awaited dreams. The reality, however is this, poor self esteem is merely the symptom of a deeper issue.

This deeper inner issue is the actual cause of your constant struggle, which then results in the feelings of poor self esteem and insecurity. That issue has caused you to undermine and destroy the things that lead to true success and joy. That issue has actually made you become your own worst enemy.

As true happines and joy continue to evade you, your feelings of insecurity and despair grow stronger and stronger.

It’s very important for you to grasp the fact that your poor self esteem is no more than the symptom of something else.

Almost as soon as you correct the real issue, your poor self esteem will be gone.

Your task at hand is to first, identify that issue, and second, eliminate the issue. As soon as you do that, your life will turn around almost instantly.

Think about your life free of poor self esteem and feelings of nagging doubt. Now, think what your life would be if you had unstoppable self confidence.

Think about your life if you were completely relaxed in any social setting, courageously stepping out of your comfort zone, making confident decisions, being persuasive and influential to others, not allowing yourself to be swayed by the opinion of others, and having unstoppable self confidence.

With this newly found confidence and self assurance, every aspect of your life changes almost instantly. You are never plagued by weakness and indecision again. You are no longer influenced by the poor advice of others. You have the power to move your life in any direction you want.

An unshakable belief in yourself will now manifest itself. You’ll have an uncanny ability to achieve whatever you put your mind to. Others will start looking to you for guidance, direction and friendship. However, most importantly, you will see the life you have dreamed of for years, coming to you at last.

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