Increasing Self Esteem – Tips To Build & Improve Your Self Esteem

You know the type: she (or he) is on top of the world and knows it! People with high self-esteem aren’t afraid to try new things and enjoy facing a good challenge because they know they can handle anything that’s thrown at them!

Your self-esteem is what gives you the courage and the power to believe in yourself and your abilities. But, for far too many people, a lack of self-esteem robs them of the ability to feel good about themselves and make better choices about their lives, their families, their careers and their futures.

Whether you suffer from low self-esteem or just need a little boost to feel more confident in your abilities, increasing your self-esteem isn’t hard. It just takes a little practice and the right thinking. Try these tips and see how much better you start to look and feel about yourself:

-Watch what you say to yourself (and to others).
Be nice to yourself. Stop telling yourself that you’re a screw up and no good. Pat yourself on the back once in awhile and tell yourself what a good job you’re doing. Do the same for those around you. When you make others feel good, you feel better about yourself too.

-Surround yourself with positive people.
For some reason it’s easier to be negative about yourself and others, than to concentrate on the positive aspects of your life and personality. So why surround yourself with people who will only bring you down further? Ditch the downers and start hanging out with more positive thinking (and acting) people instead. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your entire attitude changes.

-Be Realistic.
The fact is there are things you can change about yourself and things you can’t. If you’re a bit overweight, do something about it, but if you’re a bit taller than most others around you, learn to bask in your “differences” and find the good in what makes you unique.

It increases your mood, your outlook and lifts your spirits. Besides, it makes you much more appealing and attractive to others, which can in itself boost your self-esteem.

-Try something new.
It doesn’t have to be anything big – even learning the meaning of a new word everyday. The important thing is to step out of your normal “safe” routine and enjoy yourself.

-Get Organized.
A messy car, a messy house or a messy office can all clutter your thoughts and emotions. Clean out the cobwebs of your life and open yourself up to a brighter, more airy future.

-Change your look.
Sometimes the best way to start feeling like a brand new person is to create a brand new person. Get a new hairstyle; buy a few new outfits. Get a makeover. Get rid of frumpy ole you and step out as the new and improved you.

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