Live Your Current Life With Purpose – Yesterday Is Gone, Listen to Your Internal Guidance

LIFE IS THE CULMINATION OF EVENTS MEANT TO TEACH, GUIDE AND EXPAND, OUR MINDS. Life is uncomplicated, it’s humanity and the ingrained drama that diverts us from purposeful way to understand and communicate better with ourselves first, and then with one another. Yesterday is gone, you have more opportunities to plan a better day if you listen to what your internal guidance wants to tell you. You are better equipped now, than you were last year, to block the words, songs or untruths, based on ego, that are dancing around in you head. Your self-loving characteristic will not delude you, if balanced, respected, filtered and if congruent with other ideologies, will form into the road map of your desired life. Make a conscious choice to entertain and experience growth in your scope of thought, through all of your interactions, in lieu of responding to triggers that ignite bias, fear, joy, or pain.
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