Looking At Ways On How To Improve Self Esteem

Let’s face it, we are all caught up in the meat market mentality that “you can never make another first impression”; or “clothes make the man”; statements like these bely the fact that we are all intensely aware of how we come across to everyone else out there that crosses our path, and our self esteem or lack of it, is built on this awareness and the reactions we get from other people.

If you were constantly told you were a failure, or were ugly, or stupid; after time, your self esteem would be at such a low level that you felt negatively about everything and then others would perceive that and begin to treat you in the same way, or shy away from being in contact with you at all. And the more that feeling is solidified in your inner core and thoughts, the more it becomes a part of your persona and affects everything you do. Positive self esteem is simply feeling good about yourself and your lot in life, and having that feeling constantly bolstered by the folks around you.

People who have good self esteem are the movers and shakers of the world, and the converse is also true—-those who think poorly of themselves and are ignored by the world in general are those who lead miserable lives and never really succeed at anything they try. Learning how to improve self esteem is a vital factor in becoming a successful person both in your work life and your personal life, because everything you do is affected by how you feel about yourself, positively or negatively.

The Golden Rule is a great motivator for everyone to remember, because it embodies a large factor in what makes people tick in their interactions with each other. If you treat others as you would want them to treat you; with respect, understanding, genuine interest in what they had to say and their ideas; then they will usually respond in kind with you and as a result you feel very positively about yourself in that response and your self esteem is bolstered. People who are driven, know what they want out of life and go after it, and in the course of their lives treat others fairly; are those that others want to be associated with because they exude success.

So many of us dwell on outer appearances and what other people think of us or how we present ourselves to them, when what we need to be doing is building ourselves up in our own minds so we feel good about being who we are, and in turn react to others accordingly. The rest follows without much prodding: good things happen to those who treat others as they would want to be treated.

Creating a whole person that feels good about themselves and reaches out to the world in a positive manner is a tough job, but hordes of families do it all the time. When we are born, we have nothing in our psyches telling us whether we are good or bad, worthless or priceless—–all that info is programmed into us as we grow by our parents and close family members and people of authority in our lives. If you receive positive feedback and psychological pats on the back, you grow into a person that is self actualized and driven to do great things because you feel you can conquer the world. On the other hand, if you are told repeatedly that you are a failure, a disappointment, a worthless human being, and they wish you had never been born; then you face the world with a very different outlook and learning how to improve your self esteem becomes a monumental task.

If you want to be a success in life, as society defines success, then you must have a strong and very positive self esteem that will carry you through all the valleys and chasms you must cover to get to the goal you are seeking. Life is not fair, and for those who suffer from self doubt, feelings of worthlessness, and despair—-life can be excruciating and an absolute hell to live through. Learning how to improve self esteem and maintain a positive image of yourself and your abilities is crucial to getting to where you want to be in life. Self esteem is nothing more than feeling good about yourself, that you are a person of great worth, and people want to be around you and take to heart what it is you have to say because they value you as a person. Once you master that, you are on the fast track to success.

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