Low Self Esteem Solutions: 3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Self Esteem Today

Getting help from others is often the most important step a person can take to improve his or her self-esteem, but it can also be the most difficult. People with low self-esteem often do not ask for help because they feel they do not deserve it.

But since low self-esteem is often caused by how other people treated you in the past, you may need the help of other people in the present to challenge the critical messages that come from negative past experiences.

Ask for support from your friends. Have them tell you what they like about you and what they think you do well. Have someone around just to vent to when you are feeling low. This person is your sounding board. He or she should allow you to express yourself without trying to fix things.

You may also ask for a hug when you need one. Dr. Leo Buscaglia, also known as The Hug Doctor advocates hugging as a therapeutic measure in all situations. Sometimes the physical contact can fix anything by making you feel worthy of that hug. It may sound silly, but try it. It really does work!

There are plenty of other people who can help you with your self-esteem. If you are having trouble in school, go to professors or advisors and ask for help in classes. These people are here to help you learn, and they will! Once you start to realize success in your classes, your self-esteem will rise!

If there is something at work that you feel you are lacking in, ask your supervisor for help or advice. Ask for new projects or challenges to help foster your successes. You can also ask your co-workers to help you along by being supportive of each other.

Consider taking classes or trying out new activities to increase your sense of competence. You could take extra classes, join an exercise group, or find community classes in something that interests you such as scrap booking or karate.

If the problem really is too over-whelming for you to deal with on your own, you may want to talk to a therapist or counselor. Sometimes low self-esteem can feel so painful or difficult to overcome that the professional help of a therapist or counselor is needed.

Talking to a counselor is a good way to learn more about your self-esteem issues and begin to improve your self-esteem.

Besides the inner voice, you need to begin telling yourself certain things to recognize in yourself.

1) What Is Positive Self Talk?

A critical first step is to realize and accept that you are not alone in this. Many, many people suffer from low self-esteem. They range from high-ranking government officials to celebrities to the postman or the lady down the road. They are all in this with you whether they make it publicly known or not.

You need to realize that you are a wonderful, individual and special person – and there is no one quite like you. Your fingerprints and your DNA are totally different from everybody else – unless you happen to have an identical twin.

And your mind – and how it thinks and operates – is absolutely your own. This means that out of six billion people in the world, you are a one-of-a-kind. So if nature has bothered to make you utterly unique, do not you feel that you should accept that you are important, and that you have as much right as anyone else to be on this planet?

You have other rights too. One of them is the right to make mistakes. Don’t forget that to err is human and most of us do much of our learning through getting things wrong before we get them right.

Furthermore, we have the right to respect ourselves – and to be respected: this is very important. And finally – and perhaps most vitally of all – we have the right to say yes or no for ourselves.

2) Low Self Esteem Signs

Many people with poor self-esteem think that they are not very important and that their views carry no weight. Is this you?

If so, try to stop these destructive thoughts; because if you go around believing them, you’ll encourage other people to believe them too.

Instead, start thinking of yourself – with your individual DNA, fingerprints and mind – as someone who has rights and opinions and ideas that are just as valid as anyone else. This will help you to improve your self-estimation.

The key to positive self-esteem is to remember that you have control over your situation: When feeling glum about a character flaw, remind yourself that you can take action to change yourself and shape your future.

3) The Advantages of Journaling

This is a good time to start journaling if you have not tried this already. Journaling can be an amazingly therapeutic tool in raising not only your self-esteem, but also discovering new and exciting things about yourself that you might not have known.

Begin with a big project. In your journal, list 25 good things about you. This may seem like a daunting task, but we are willing to bet that you can come up with them if you really try. Anytime a negative thought pops into your head, push it out and write down what you were going to in the first place.

You need to take stock of your positive qualities and your strengths. You have them, just look inside yourself. Can you whip up a mean batch of brownies?

That is something! Maybe you are a whiz at surfing the net. Not everyone is adept at that! So, write it down! Every little thing counts, so take note and be proud!

The next thing we want you to write in your journal is 10 things you want to improve in yourself. Do not look at these as your shortcomings or weaknesses.

They are simply things you need or want to change. Next to each entry, write a way that you can change that aspect of yourself.

For example, if you feel you are lazy, go ahead and write that down, but also write down ways you could be less lazy. Find something that will motivate you – perhaps a reward system. It works in the schools; it could work with you too!

Do not concentrate on this list too much. The idea here is to acknowledge that there are parts of you that you want to work on and then set about doing just that!

Finally, take a moment to dream in your journal. Find something, or several things, which you would like to do. Maybe you want to learn to scuba dive. Write it down and make an action plan. You will need to find a place that teaches scuba diving, and then enroll in the class!

Maybe you want to know more about Greek mythology. Call a community college and see if they offer a class and then sign up for it. Maybe you could find the class online. Just look and then go for it!

Now that you have a base journal, you need to accentuate the positive aspects of your life. Find a moment at the end of each day and write down at least one good thing that you did that day. Write down something that happened that you are proud of.

Maybe you stood up to a co-worker who has been giving you trouble. Perhaps you befriended that new person in the office. There is nothing too small to write here. Everything counts. We are focusing on the positive things in your life.

When you have them down in black and white (or red or blue in whatever ink color you prefer), they become real and true. That is what you should focus on every day!

You will also need to daily give yourself a little pep talk. Do not base your perception of yourself on what others think of you. This is destructive. No one else knows you better than YOU! Look in the mirror every morning and say something positive.

– Your hair looks great
– You can do anything you want to do
– You are a worthy person and people should listen to you, Etc.

It can be anything at all as long as it is something positive about you. Remember that everyone feels this way sometimes. Do not compare yourself to others.

Even the popular girl thinks nobody likes her. You are a unique individual with great qualities that you can share. Stand up and be heard!

Often we make ourselves unhappy because we go over and over mistakes that we have made. But we can feel happier, and improve our self-esteem, if we re-think those things we believe we have done wrong or badly.

When you have a bad day, or something goes wrong in your relationship or at work, write in your journal an account of what went right with that episode, not what went wrong. The results will surprise you – and improve how you see yourself.

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