Low Self-Esteem: The Root Causes

What does self-esteem actually signify? In common terms, self-esteem is a trait of the way we identify ourselves. It is not identical to self-image since self-image is merely a skin-deep picture of who you are; it doesn’t provide any suggestion to being bad or good. Self-esteem, conversely, is on the subject of how we see and bestow meaning to ourselves as persons. When we talk about low self-esteem, it typically implies that the significance you provide to yourself is negative. Low self- esteem means that you have a pessimistic belief about yourself. A person can perceive himself in diverse points of view but if he generally deems that he is of no use, he suffers from low self-esteem. Thousands of persons suffer from it and it has brought them to so much sadness and pain.

A low self-esteem is exhibited in various manners. Because you have a negative opinion about yourself, you are most likely to concentrate on your mistakes rather than your good attributes. You disapprove of, accuse, and mistrust yourself in many conditions. Your negative responses shape your behavior ultimately; you don’t assume risks and steer clear of on advantageous opportunities, feel apologetic, and aren’t sure of yourself. These behaviors can also affect your feelings, inciting melancholy, guilt trip, or even wrath. And all ailing feelings will show in the body since you always feel worn out and worried.

These are the 3 major origins of a low self-esteem:

Miserable Childhood

Your childhood will always cause a major influence on how you appreciate yourself. If you didn’t experience the love and care of your parents even as a kid, you’ll feel uncared for and insignificant as you grow up. If your parents were apathetic with your pursuits and never congratulated your successes, you’ll grow up with no conviction in your faculties.

Physical, mental, or emotional mistreatment from parents, relatives, friends, or strangers is also another thing that plays a role in a sad childhood. Physical violence can still be remedied to some point but it is dissimilar to mental and emotional exploitation. The latter are entrenched as they persecute the intimate being of a person. Kids who have went through all these will most expectedly become dejected and self-doubting individuals.

Parents continually have an important responsibility in the background of children since they are the ones who implant the preliminary ways of in life. Whether these are positive or negative beliefs, they will affect the child to grow self-assured or not.

Violent Relationships

Your relations with others can also play a role in having a low self-esteem. If you were a relentless sufferer of maltreatment, you can take on this mistaken philosophy that you deserved to be abused. As you grow up, your intimate and friendly affairs could also be directed to low levels of self-esteem if these relations were wounding and offensive. These ill-treatments can make you weak, leading you to recognize yourself as the prey always.

Pressures in the Society

Pressures in the society could also contribute to having a low self-esteem. These days, the society demands for us to appear good-looking and glamorous or turn into a totally different person. Many people strive to blend in and meet the standards of society; some of these challenges are being thin and physically stunning. Our society is very type-casted and usually sets off an individual’s negative beliefs.

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