Make Self Esteem Affirmations Work For You

Are you suffering from a low self esteem and seeking a simple way to improve it? If so, have you thought about improving your life using self esteem affirmations? If you are interested, please read on. I hope that the following system can help empower you and transform your old thoughts and beliefs upon which your self esteem is built.

The following system is simple to use. You can follow it and develop your own affirmations to improve your self esteem.

1. Describe Your Standards

Before writing down your self esteem affirmations, you need to describe your standards first for building self-esteem. For instance, what is your idea of an individual who has positive self esteem? Then, start to describe the standards upon which you’re going to build your positive affirmations by observing the actions of an individual with positive confidence. Remember, the essence of doing this step is to give your brain a picture, or directions, of what you think having high self esteem looks like.

Your subconscious mind (which is what you want to influence with your self esteem affirmations) responds to directions. Try to be as specific as possible and the best way to do that is by describing definite actions which represent high self esteem, for example: speaking to strangers comfortably, negotiating with confidence, etc. Make sure you have written down a list of actions that you believe to represent a confident person.

2. Follow The Description of Positive Affirmations:

There are four principles with which your self esteem affirmations need to comply. Firstly, they need to be in the present tense; secondly, they need to be affirmative in nature; thirdly, they must be in the first person; and lastly, they need to be action driven (based on the actions you described in step one). Here are some examples:

“I’m confident in my business negotiations.”

“I talk to strangers naturally and comfortably.”

“I do a great job at closing sales.”

Once you write your affirmations following these guidelines, there’s only one thing left to do:

3. Say It

Applying self esteem affirmations is a gradual process that needs to be done on a regular and consistent basis. For best results, say your affirmations out loud in the morning and in the evening. This step is important because you are actually training your mind to accomplish things according to the directions previously given. This is no different from how you train your body to make it fit. In both cases, regular practice is required.

So practice your self esteem affirmations every day. You can write new ones to accomplish other goals. This is a life-long commitment, and you will develop a sense of great confidence which is a natural part of you.

To learn more about applying self esteem affirmations and other strategies on improving self esteem , visit

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