Pre-teen and Teenage girls Low Self-Esteem

A recent research interviewed five hundred young girls between the ages of 11 and 17 years of age. The results of this survey, which was carried out in the United Kingdom, discovered that more than twenty per cent of them felt under undue pressure to conform to an unreal portrayal of young women. It goes on to reveal that a further twenty per cent were unhappy with their image and would like to change it: and another five per cent actually saying they felt ugly. This survey has thrown up a disturbing trend of low self-esteem among these young girls.

The facts of the survey ,which was commissioned by Dove and carried out by the Future Foundation, revealed the disturbing effects that low self-esteem can have on these young girls future prospects, with only a third questioned feeling confident enough in believing they will achieve any level of success in a chosen career.

This lack of confidence in their appearance has led them to neglect their homework. Spending only fifty minutes studying as opposed to forty two minutes on make-up and clothes, a large proportion of the girls interviewed believed they would be happier with an improved physical appearance.

These findings regarding the low self-esteem on today’s female adolescents could have grave consequences for the future of women in British society.

The results have indicated that if the young women of this country fail to achieve their potential through lack of self-esteem and confidence, by the year 2050 Britain would have lost well over 250,000 women entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers. It also predicts twenty per cent less women MPs.

These alarming forecasts’ are based on the assumption that girls with low self-esteem will not have the confidence to aim for high profile careers in the future.

This survey has painted a bleak picture for the future of our young girls. A future of low expectations and lack of ambition all brought about by lack of self-esteem; but there is hope that this future can be avoided.

A high self-esteem programme has been launched by Dove, which it aims to introduce in workshops for schools across the country. This programme is aimed at girls between the ages of 11 to 14.

An important part in raising adolescent girls’ self-esteem can be played by parents and other adults. By praising and encouraging them as much as they can, they will raise their self-confidence and their desire to achieve greater thing in their lives. They should discourage them from giving to much credence to the images of air brushed models often portrayed in the glossy magazines. It is important that they explain to them that physical beauty can come in many forms: and a good and vibrant personality will be as important as mere looks. By doing these simple things they will enhance their girls’ self-esteem and their ability to achieve the things they want to in their lives.

Sufferers from low self-esteem find life daunting and difficult to cope with. As a former sufferer from low self-esteem, Barry Austin has written some articles to help othersdefeat this life destroying influence. For more articles visitLow Self Esteem among pre-teen teenage girls.

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