Self Esteem Activities: How To Be Your Best Self

Are your suffering from low self esteem and searching for some ways to change the situation, feel good about yourself, and achieve success in your life? If so, I hope you find the following self esteem activities helpful in building your self confidence and finding your true Self!

Many self esteem activities are useful in improving self esteem. However, the really effective activites share one similarity, and that is they take a deeper approach and tackle the core of the problem. Before doing the self esteem exercises, it is important to first understand what causes low self esteem. Usually, not knowing or loving yourself is the fundamental cause of low self esteem.

So in order to build a healthy self esteem, you need to change the frame of mind that causes low self esteem. Here are some simple self esteem activities you can do:

1. Stay Conscious of Your Thoughts

One effective way to alter the old, negative mindset is the development of consciousness. Many people do not understand that consciousness is a state of being when we are in connection with our true, powerful Self. When we are in that state, we realize what we want in life.

To develop consciousness, you can practice the following exercise everyday. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes a day, sit in a room (preferrably alone with no distraction), take a few deep breaths until you feel totally relaxed. Pay attention to what you are thinking. Observe your thoughts as they come and go. Do not judge your thoughts. Keep doing this exercise consistently for at least 30 days, and you will see that you have developed a good consciousness. In the process, your old mindset will start to subside.

2. Positive Affirmations

Another effective exercise is positive affirmations. The purpose of positive affirmations is to get to the subconscious mind level and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Examples of positive self esteem affirmations are:

“I am a worthy person!” “I am successful!” “I am powerful” “I achieve whatever I want!”

For faster and more effective results, practice positive affirmations in front of a mirror. Look you in the eye, say it to yourself at least 5 times in the morning, and 5 times at night. You can continue saying the positive affirmations to yourself until you feel something positive about yourself. Then practice it everyday consistently for at least 30 days. Before you notice, you will see changes in your perception about yourself because your previously established frame of mind shatters.

Try these self esteem activities, they will help you feel good about yourself as who you really are, and realize your full potentials and life purpose!

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