Self-esteem and why it is so important

There are people in this world who seem to have the world at their feet. They are usually successful, confident and optimistic; the factor that separates them from the unsuccessful and pessimistic is high Self Esteem.

Lacking high self-esteem will condemn you to being part of the population who will always remain in the shadow of the super self-confident people who seem to command, and receive success. Low self-esteem will cause you to have a low self-image and unable to face the world in a positive light. Your world will be ruled by negativity.

These negative influences will cause you to have difficulties in forming relationships, and in achieving any levels of success or fulfilment in your life. Low Self-Esteem, coupled with a lack of Self-Confidence will cause you to expect failure and be reluctant to take even small risks: and this in turn will hold you back from reaching your true potential.

Low self-esteem will cause you to form a low self-image and a negative picture of yourself. With these negative influences it will make it impossible for you to see others in a favourable light .This in turn will reflect back on you and reinforce your lack of self-esteem.

All these negative feelings of Low Self-Esteem, lack of self-confidence and low self-worth, will cause you to look at the world through a jaundiced eye, and by doing so you will assume that others see you in the same light. Thereby causing your low Self-image of yourself to reinforce your low Self-Esteem, this then will cause you to experience a lack of self-respect.

But how can a person overwhelmed by all these negative feelings and thoughts ever gain high self-esteem and self-confidence?

In truth they cannot. That is why Raising your Self-Esteem is essential to your wellbeing.

By raising your self-esteem, your self-confidence will soar, and your self- image will change from negative to positive. This new self-confidence will allow you to take on new challenges and face them with newly found courage. The fears you may feel will the fear that will drive you on to success. Taking risks will be part of your new self-confidence.

You will see failure as a new challenge to be overcome.

Your new found high levels of self-confidence will give you the strength to believe in yourself and in your decisions and actions.

High self-esteem, coupled with high self-confidence will assure you of future success.

Try following these simple tips to enhance your achieving high self-Esteem.

Observe how the self-confident people who are successful act, copy some of their mannerisms. Act confident.

Always try to have a smile on your face, and walk erect. This will make you appear as a confident person who is comfortable in his or her own skin. People will react positively to you and increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

When setting your goals, ensure they are achievable, but do not be afraid of taking some risks.

When you have achieved one of your goals, reward yourself in some small way.

Think positive thoughts at all times.

By following these simple steps your Self-Esteem and Self-Image will rise.

By raising your self-esteem you will be on the path to a full and happy life.

Low self-esteem is debilitating condition and can have serious negative effects on people’s lives. Barry Austin, once a sufferer himself, has written some articles to help other sufferers overcome their lack of self-esteem. For more articles visitRaise your self esteem

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