So What Exactly Is Self Esteem?

So what is self esteem? Self esteem is usually described as how a person values him or herself or how he or she regards him or herself. It is one’s belief in himself as well as one’s self respect and self image. It is important in a way that it may dictate our behavior and our interaction with other people. Self esteem or the lack of it can affect individuals in such a s way they have no confidence or belief on themselves.

People need to know what is self esteem, in order to make an assessment of themselves and evaluate whether they have low or high levels of it. Knowing what is self esteem can help a person make the decision to build self esteem or enhance it.

What Is Self Esteem’s Role In Our Daily Lives?

Self esteem is the balloon that carries us afloat during the many challenges in our daily lives. This self confidence and belief in one’s self can actually dictate how we deal with obstacles and make decisions. What is self esteem other than our belief in ourselves that we can do a lot of things and navigate the maze that is life.

Having ample level of self esteem will help us be decisive and be confident enough to deal with other people and take risks with new things. It can propel us to be adventurous enough but a high level of self esteem may sometimes come off as arrogance or over confidence for many people.

Self esteem affects how we behave towards ourselves and other people. It can also affect how successful you can be in life. What is self esteem’s role in our lives? It dictates how confident we are in facing life in general and the challenges it brings us.

Factors Of Self Esteem

Some factors that help cultivate self esteem are the support and assurance of family. Having supportive parents and siblings can build self esteem in children as well as adolescents. Adults with low self esteem can also benefit from the support of family members by providing a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to problems and other expressions of emotions.

Children and adolescents may have a hard time knowing what is self esteem but they can feel it. Adults who have an idea of what is self esteem may also have a hard time acknowledging that they have low levels of it. People with low self esteem need to be guided and encouraged to build their self esteem.

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