Success and Self-Esteem Go Hand in Hand Together

Self-esteem is at the core of everyones success story and it is a very powerful emotion to have, yet so many people seem to be afraid to develop their own self-esteem, and then they stand back and blame everyone else for their failures.

So that it is not surprising that they fail, let us look at some of the reasons as to why I think they are not a success in the self-esteem stakes.

I think you know the type of person I am going to be referring to here, in fact I know that you do, we all know at least one person like this. They like to show off and be the center of everyones attention. They are always finishing off your sentences for you. They never stop telling you about themselves and how good they are at everything that they do. They are always fishing for compliments. They are forever criticizing people behind their backs but never to their faces.

I could go on but I think that you will have a picture of someone that you know in your mind by now. The thing that makes me laugh about these characters is that they think of themselves as having a very high level of high self-esteem, as being successful and loved by everyone around them. But we know differently because we can see through the veneer that they have to wear to cover over their cracks.

The successful person with self-esteem acts in a totally different manner. Almost unnoticed it seems, but powerfully appealing at the same time, a lot more like this. They appear to be more interested in others than in themselves. They can and will attract your attention almost without you being aware of it. They do not seek out praise or compliments but know how to appreciate them when given.

Again there are so many more examples I could give, but you get my point, they are poles apart in their behavior. I know which one of them I would rather have a meal with,I bet you do as well. Self-esteem is a measure of the value or worth that we have for ourselves, so the more self-esteem the more worth and the more worth or value the higher our success.

Hypnosis helped me regain my own self-esteem not so very long ago, so you see there are ways that you can give your chances of success a great boost by working on your own self-esteem.

Steve Tallamy uses his web site to help people from all walks of life through his own life experiences to demonstrate that success via self development and hypnosis in particular is possible for everyone to achieve. You can find out more about Steve and his experiences at

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