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How Poor Self-Esteem Can Affect Your Child

When children are encumbered with poor self-esteem, the indications are likely to vary on an individual basis. Nevertheless, they share a common denominator: poor self-esteem reflects when kids are subjected to circumstances whereby they see themselves most likely to fail. And without your guidance and support as his parent, it is probable that he may not be able to shed this adverse trait until he reaches adulthood. Hence he may be left vulnerable to acquire certain negative behaviors, mindsets, compulsions, and even psychologically related disorders.

When your child persists with having a low self-esteem, he may develop or become weak to any of the following consequences:

He may easily give in to peer pressure.

A child with poor self-esteem tend to feel out of place. Hence he seeks and craves to be accepted by and to belong with a group of friends, whose influence may either be good or bad depending on their practices and interests. Since a having a low self-esteem automatically comes with a lack of assertiveness, he may easily be led to indulge in unacceptable behavior or get involved with dangerous activities just to fit in.

He is at risk of becoming addicted to dangerous, health-threatening substances.

Because having a low self-esteem restricts your child from getting the most out of his life, resulting to missed opportunities or being unable to exercise his abilities to the fullest, he becomes vulnerable to seeking escape from reality by venting his frustrations through substance abuse: drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes/tobaccos. Getting addicted to any of these is a means whereby he can escape the dismal reality they are confronted with due to his lack of self-esteem.

He is driven to become an over-achiever.

Even if having such a trait is deemed commendable by most parents, having a strong drive to become an over-achiever can make your child over competitive. Consequentially, he overburdens himself as he strives to adhere to self-implicated high standards. This in turn may make him become too rigid that he is at risk of being easily frustrated or worse, falling into depression should things turn out otherwise than he expected.

He may fall into depression.

Although being an over-achiever (which is another consequence of having poor self-esteem) can make your child susceptible to depression due to a rigidity brought on by his self-implicated high standards, overall, he is vulnerable to becoming depressed because his poor self-esteem limits him. Having a low self-esteem renders him incapable of fully expressing themselves due to fear of embarrassment caused by a perceived likelihood to fail.

He may acquire eating disorders.

A low self-esteem can be due to a variety of reasons, most common of which is possessing a poor body image. The self-loathing that ensues when your child fails to accept his physical image opens them to acquiring eating disorders in the likes of anorexia and bulimia.

He may become a hypochondriac.

Since a desperate need for attention characterizes someone who has poor self-esteem, it may lead him to resort to troublesome means, such as claiming to suffer from a multitude of ailments, just so that he can be noticed. If this fails to work with his family, he would either seek out other people who are most likely to believe him, or worse, intensify the symptoms of his supposed illnesses. But the worst possibility he may resort to if all else fails: he may hurt himself intentionally.

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