The Best Way Of How To Raise Your Self Esteem, Fast!

Self-esteem has a lot to do with the way that you see yourself — your self-image. Also noted a self concept, your self-image consists of all the thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself — how you see yourself in mind, how you represent yourself to your brain.

Imagine your ideal self, how you would look, how you would feel, what you be saying to yourself, and do this consistently with vivid detail and you would begin to raise your self-esteem, like it or not, and receive associated benefits.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of raising your levels of self-esteem is by using verbal affirmations with or without a mirror. The two best affirmations that the author has ever come across to raise self-esteem will be listed later. For now though, here’s what using verbal affirmations does:

— the more that you repeat your self-esteem affirmations, with emotion, the more effective they will be in producing actual results in your life fast

— using verbal self-esteem affirmations, indeed using written affirmations, starts to program your subconscious mind so that you take on a new self-image — a new set of beliefs about yourself

You don’t even have to believe that using the self-esteem affirmations works. However, having the willingness to continue using the affirmations even if it’s just one session, so that you go far beyond that time where you start to resist will enable you to have breakthroughs immediately.

What is meant by that? Let’s say you’re using the affirmation: ” I am happy” to raise your level of happiness, or to become more aware of the happiness available to you. In this instance, you may start saying repeatedly the mantra, ” I am happy”.

It doesn’t matter where you do this. It can be in your car was your driving. It can be a breakfast table. It can even be out on the street, but prepared to get funny looks from those around you if you take this suggestion. An even more powerful way to say affirmations is in front of the mirror. This can raise your self-esteem faster than anything else.

Here’s another tip: say your affirmations in the three different ways with the first three pronouns, i.e. ” I am happy” referring to yourself; ” you are happy” – the way that you talk to yourself; ” he is happy” – in this way your brain understands you in a language that your parents or people talking about you would use -a powerful programming method.

As you begin to say you’re affirmation again and again, hundreds of times over, you’ll reach what is known in sports athletes terms as a plateau. This is the absolutely crucial part of this article. It can make or break you in terms of being success of your affirmations.

The absolutely key thing is, despite what your brain/mind/feelings may be telling you about stopping saying the affirmation, is continue, continue, continue regardless. Just keep on saying the affirmation again and again and again. Do this, and you will get breakthroughs fast.

Breaking through the plateau period which will happen when you say you affirmations, is a bit like breaking through plateau when you’re an athlete exercising, you go from feeling like it’s just not worth it, to an endorphin pleasure rush and the realisation of just what you are doing and how powerful is. You will generate the necessary believe to follow through in word and action to create that put your affirmations states — a higher level of self-esteem.

The two most powerful affirmations are raising your self-esteem that ever been discovered as follows: one number one: “I like myself”. As a variation on this, you can use, ” I love and approve of myself.” the second affirmation is more general, but complements the previous and is: “I feel terrific”.

It is highly recommended that you only use one or two affirmations at first. Use a maximum of five at any given time. Although it sounds simple, it may even sound stupid, the proof is in the pudding. Try it, break through the plateau and go free, you’ll never look affirmations the same way again. Better yet, you gain the benefits of a better self-esteem: more friends, more good feelings, more money, more confidence, better results.

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