The Links Between Creating Better Self Esteem and Hypnosis

A person’s self esteem is their estimation of themselves but this can be based on their perceived notions of the estimations of others. Low self-esteem can create unnecessary problems and phobias for people of any way of life and can even cause them to act in an undesirable way. Self esteem can have so many effects on different people in various ways that it can be hard to tell if a person’s self esteem is actually the problem at hand. Creating higher self esteem can be a long and arduous job for anyone but particularly someone with low confidence as they feel that they are not worth taking care of and can even feel that they do not possess the strength to improve themselves.

Self esteem and hypnosis have had long standing links with one another. The reason for a person’s low self esteem can sometimes be understood through hypnosis and even improved with the use of hypnosis. Self esteem and the use of hypnosis can be a therapist’s decision to undertake or the person with the issue of low self esteem could see no other option than hypnosis to ‘cure’ them. Unfortunately this is not as easy as it sounds. Self esteem and hypnosis can be so closely connected that it can take a long time to achieve any results particularly if the person is resistant to hypnosis or has a lot of sensitive issues to work out before they hypnosis can help improve their self esteem and awareness.

The Process

In a perfect world better confidence would be achieved by the individual with no outside help but this is not the case. This is why seeing a professional therapist who uses hypnosis as a form of therapy can be the answer. First the therapist should ensure that the patient is entirely comfortable and take it extremely slowly. People can have hidden memories that can cause serious problems if they are approached too quickly. Increasing self esteem using hypnosis can therefore be a long process. Once trust has been established between patient and therapist, the therapist may begin a process of inducing the patient into a relaxed state where the mind is more susceptive to suggestion and change.

The therapist may take the patient on the path of building self confidence by encouraging them to acknowledge their skills, achievements and self worth. Self esteem takes time to build and hypnosis can encourage the process by allowing the patient to feel secure enough to accept that they are worth attention and appreciation. The therapist may teach the patient to use hypnosis to build their self esteem on a regular basis or when they are feeling particularly low through the use of mind exercises and confidence building techniques.

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