The Real Cause Of Low Self Esteem

Are you suffering from low self esteem and want to find out the real cause of it so you can figure out how to increase your self esteem? This is something a lot of people of all ages everywhere are trying to find out about and you are going to learn the cause of low self esteem immediately.

Now, the mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that there is only one cause. When the truth is that there are many causes for this problem.

You have to find out the biggest causes so you can recognize them and then take steps to make changes or get away from the cause so you will be able to increase your self esteem. The following are the major causes of this big problem that thousands of people face every day.

One: Caused by family and friends – The people that you are around from a young age are the first people that will influence your self esteem. It is a parents job to help their children build self esteem, but many fail to do that and the sad part is that many parents don’t even realize they are contributing to their kids low self esteem.

There are others in the family, along with friends that can influence how low or high your self esteem is as you grow up. When you become an adult, these same people can influence your self esteem also, but now you can have more control over how much you allow them to influence your self esteem.

Two: People you have do not know – No one realizes that the people that you do not know can have a big impact on a person’s self esteem, but strangers really can have a big impact. You need to know that strangers, no matter what they do or say, they don’t know you so there is no way they will be able to form an honest opinion of you.

Though that doesn’t stop their comments or looks from getting to you, if you do realize that it will be much easier to also realize that because they don’t know you, they are not worth the time of getting upset over.

Now that you know the cause of low self esteem, you have to know that you can do something about this problem and begin increasing your own self esteem easily. There are many ways to accomplish that, but to start with you need to surround yourself with positive people because that will have a big impact on rebuilding your low self esteem and then use other ways also to really help you increase your self esteem so you can live a happier life.

Mark Babcock provides simple techniques and tools so you can build self esteem and change your thinking and have a better life. Signup for his free Health, Happiness, and Wellness Newsletter and the report How To Be Your Best Self.

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