There Is Brightness Amid the Fog – Whether a Sunny or Foggy Day You Own the Keys to Your Success!

Fog is a metaphor for issues or events that seem unclear, or unfair. We learn more about our strength and our ability to overcome obstacles, through toil and effort, during foggy days more than we do on sunny days. Sometimes fog is so persistent that we may miss the small glimmers of light that are attempting to shine, trying to let us see that there is a solution. Lightness or brightness, or the solution to a problem, can be found amid the fog, even if only in short spurts or in small measure. Be positive, take action, things could be worse. If you allow the foggy days to dictate your life or ability to overcome obstacles your energy is wasted on worry. There is brightness amid the fog and you have all the tools in your mind and personality to make your life sunny again! A change of mindset, attitude, or ability to follow through with an action- plan, or change your actions can lessen the fog in your life, or make it disappear.
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