Top Two Ways on How to Improve Self Esteem (Improving Self Confidence)

Improving self-esteem can be very difficult for most of the people. This is because the mind and body had accepted the negative suggestions internally and externally. The mind and body can be too comfortable of what has been processed that not allowing changes easily. Knowing the root factors and taking the right and effective steps can gradually improve your self-esteem.

The studies show that there 2 main ways on how to improve your self-esteem.

1. Change your internal opinions about yourself:

Since your younger age, you might have experienced many difficult situations and disappointments. Those situations have been fixed in your subconscious mind and have concluded some negative suggestions about yourself. For an example, if you have seen your parents earned money in hard ways, you might have fixed in your mind that you are poor and earning money can never be easy.

This mind-set will affect your self-esteem on getting richer or earning good money in your life. The same thing happens on your failures that you face in your life. When you have failed in your driving test a few times, you might feel that you will not be able to drive well or you have no capability to drive. Your mind accepts this statement and makes your self-esteem level to go down and bring more failures to you.
Your self-esteem level that caused by your own mental block can be improved by writing down all your negative thoughts about yourself that have been collected in your mind. Take time to think back all the things that you have concluded negatively about you. Remember that these conclusions are just suggestions by your experiences and they are not true. You can change them with right steps.

After you write down all the negative conclusions that you have about yourself, you can just think if those thoughts are worth having by you. You are naturally powerful and capable of doing anything. All you can do now is take action to change all the things that you think you need to change. You can challenge yourself to prove that you are capable to do anything. For an example, you can attend separate driving courses to improve your driving skill to see yourself to pass the test the very next time you take it!

2. Change You Negative Opinions That You Have From External Factors:

You meet many people everyday in your life. You friends, family members, relatives or even strangers might give you negative comments about you most of the time. The comments can be about your physical appearance, about your capabilities or anything else. More you listen and accept the negative comments about you, your mind can believe that statements and fix them to yourself. This can make you to lose your confidence on that certain area and make you to not able to success.

Again, you must remember that people can say anything about you from their opinion. They are just opinions and they might not be true. It is not fair for you to accept their suggestions and ruin your own life and talents.
The steps are similar and easy. Write down all the suggestions that you have accepted from outside. Read them again and decide they are worth having in your beautiful life. You have to decide to change those negative suggestions by taking them away from your life. The only way to eliminate them away from you life will be writing down all the actions that you can take to improve in the specifically suggested areas.

Remember that you have to decide to take actions to change only those things that important to be changed. Do not have to struggle by changing all the suggestions. Choose the best that need changes to improve your self-esteem and take the steps. For an example, if people say you look fat, and if it affects your self-confidence and if you think it is necessary to reduce down your weight, take action and join gym sessions! You will see yourself losing weight and gain your self-confidence back.

Angel Noyal is a famous and dedicated motivational blog writer of All her articles will help you to understand more on your mind power, improving self confidence and many more interesting motivational topics which will help you to live your life !

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