Try Getting Self Esteem By Listing Your Positives To Build Courage

When someone has low self-esteem they have a difficult time listing their positive attributes; however, this is one way to raise self-esteem. Sometimes when we talk about our positive qualities, we think we seem arrogant, so writing them on a worksheet or in a journal gives you a chance to list them without feeling conceited. Getting self esteem by listing your positives is a good way to build confidence.

Anyone can benefit from listing their positive attributes, from children to elderly people; we all have many good qualities. Listing your positive assets gives you a chance to see how many good qualities you have and therefore, will raise your self-esteem. You should keep a specific worksheet or journal for this list.

You should allow plenty of time for writing your positive virtues in your journal or worksheet; do not do this task when you are in a hurry. Spend some time thinking about your achievements, think about your talents or special abilities and list them in your journal. If this becomes difficult, leave it for a few hours or days and come back to it with a fresh perspective.

If you feel comfortable, ask supportive friends or family members for help. They will be able to think of attributes you may have missed. These are people that love you and they will be glad to help you, especially when they see the difference it will make in your self-esteem.

For each positive on your list, think of an example that illustrates this characteristic. Think of all the examples you can remember for each positive attribute; and again, ask friends and family for help. They may remember things you have forgotten.

This method of raising your self-esteem may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it you will be surprised at how effective it is. Write in your journal on a regular basis and you will find there are many positive things about yourself that you did not even realize.

If you want to get better self esteem by using positive qualities, you may like to get some Free self esteem worksheets . Check it out!

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