Understanding The Causes Of Low Self Esteem Can Help In Recovery

Low self esteem hits all most everyone some time in their life. Even the most glamorous, have trouble with it. For some it comes early in life during childhood or as a teenager. For others it may show up in the adult years. Understanding it and the causes of low self esteem are important in overcoming it.

Self esteem, be it bad or good is something we learn. During the early years, self esteem is most influenced by parents. And, while they don’t mean it, sometimes that influence can be hurtful. Parents who speak with others about their children’s behavior or looks, often do so when the child is around. They should beware. The child may overhear the conversation and feel they are inadequate, stupid or even ugly. Parents must be mindful of their children at all times.

Through time, human lifestyle has become more busy. Parents are often both working, sometimes more than one job, while trying to keep up with a social life and raising their children. This leads to a feeling of time pressure and fatigue. But, no matter how tired you are, you must make time for your child or children. Acting uninterested, ignoring his needs and desires can leave him with a feeling of unimportance.

There is no doubt that emotional and physical abuse lead to feelings of low self worth as does continued criticism. Physical appearance in adults, as well as children, can lead to temporary or permanent scaring on the inside. Even a pimple on a first date can lead to feelings of ugliness. And for adults who are unemployed there can be a feeling of inadequacy, especially when trying to support a family.

Some characteristics of low self esteem include avoiding a social life, a disturbed or depressed appearance and eating disorders leading to anorexia or obesity. You may fail to realize your own potential, be afraid to develop your own opinions or to take on responsibility.

Someone who is suffering from self esteem problems should feel free to ask for help from friends and family and, when necessary, look for professional help. It is important to avoid negative people and to keep positive. Writing down the good things that happen every day helps to dwell on the positive instead of the negative.

There is no one cure for depression and feelings of inadequacy, but understanding the causes of low self esteem can help to turn it around. If you know of someone suffering or if indeed you are having trouble yourself, try to locate the contributing causes and limit or, if possible, eliminate them. Positive reinforcement, praise, love and kindness can help lead to recovery.

causes of low self esteem This is significantly compounded when comparisons are made with those who are perceived to be better looking. And for adults who are unemployed there can be a feeling of inadequacy, especially when trying to support a family. Discovering the causes of low self esteem may not be the cure, but it certainly can help someone to turn their life around.

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