What Are Some Causes Of Low Self Esteem?

Having a low self-esteem can be a problem that can pursue you through your entire life. It can prevent you from gaining successes in other news way you might otherwise have done very well. It can cause you to become nervous and to lose your confidence in different social settings. It can have a very serious effect upon your life overall, and it is best to battle low self-esteem at its roots. But what exactly are the main causes of low self esteem?

Well, low self-esteem can be as result of many things, and will always result in a feeling of inferiority. One such cause that will result in this feeling will be due to looks. Some people are blessed with good looks while others simply are not. Those that are not can often feel a lot less of themselves when they compare how they look against how others do.

Those who feel they are not very good-looking will look at others who are and this will cause them to lose confidence and feel inferior. This is also a growing problem in modern society where we live in a celebrity obsessed culture. With this obsession with beautiful people all over the world, more and more people are beginning to feel worse within their own skin, and this is certainly not something that we should be advocating.

In the same way as how people will feel bad about themselves to their looks, intelligence is also another serious factor that can affect the way someone feels. If you feel unintelligent compare to your peers then this can lead to a loss of confidence and a buildup of poor self-esteem.

Once again, this sort of situation can lead to people with brain themselves from regular society. They will fail to grasp opportunities because they think they will fail and they will shy away from social situations where their perceived lack of intelligence will be on display.

It is, however, ironic to see that pretty much anyone can suffer from low self-esteem regardless of how they actually look or how intelligent they are. While many people will have low self-esteem due to these factors, even those who rate high in these categories can still develop the problem. This is because deep rooted issues can cause a real effect. For example, if someone was constantly told that they were stupid by their parents, they may continue to believe it as they get older regardless of what they achieve and what they do.

Whatever the cause, low self-esteem is something that can damage someone’s life dramatically, and as such anyone suffering from this problem should seek to get some help in order to move through it.

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