What is Self Esteem and How to Tackle Self Esteem Issues

Self esteem is defined as how a person perceives one’s self. These days quite a number of people suffer from self esteem issues, which can exacerbate into more serious health problems like anxiety attacks and depression. These issues are often caused by an overwhelming sense of negativity that people cannot seem to shake off no matter how hard they try. This article will endeavour to explain the underlying issues that have an impact on self esteem, and how one may overcome these problems easily.

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from self esteem related issues every now and then. It only becomes a problem when the issues drag on and worsen over time, and the person ends up developing mental health issues. Low self esteem problems usually begin when your perspective about yourself and the world around you changes and goes on a negative spiral. This can happen when you receive negative criticism about yourself, or blamed for something that you believe you were not a part of. This can also happen if something traumatic had occurred in your formative years that triggers a sense of self loathing.

But the thing you should know is that being adversely affected by the negative things that people might say will do you no good at all. As an adult, you should have the ability to filter out the good from the bad, so whenever someone gives you a negative feedback or criticism you have the choice of either taking it to heart or shrugging it off. If you truly believe that the other person is trying to give you some sensible advice, then consider their words carefully, introspect, and then move on. Do not linger on negative notions and allow them to affect your sense of self worth.

In order to build up a solid, unshakable self esteem, you need to take several things into consideration. The first thing you should always do is be constantly aware of what is being said to you. Do not always take what others say as a put down. Not all criticisms are negative, and if you know who your true friends are, you will know that the criticism is meant to make you a better person.

The second thing you need to do is to always think that the problem does not always necessarily lie with you, but with the critic. Most people tend to make negative comments to make themselves feel good. These people feed off of the negativity that they breed in others, they are prideful to a fault and will always try to make themselves feel better by making someone feel worse off. You need to identify these types of people, and stay away from them if possible.

If staying away from these negative people is not possible, then you should consider this last tip: Be assertive. You need to show them that they do not have any power over you, and that they cannot feed off of your negativity. You can counteract their negative comments with these simple words: “I am sorry you feel that way.” This is a way of showing that you will not allow their comments to affect you negatively.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to love yourself. Love yourself, and you will find that you would have built up an impenetrable suit of armour comprising of solid self esteem.

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