What Is The Main Cause Of Low Self Esteem?

What is the cause of low self esteem? The truth is that there are many causes for people to have low self esteem.

The cause in anyone is going to vary, so it is your job to determine what is causing your own low self esteem. To help you identify what is causing this big problem for you, the following are a few of the most common causes in people worldwide.

1. Appearance – How you are looking on the outside daily will reflect on how you are feeling about yourself on the inside. If you don’t feel that you look good on the outside, then you are not going to feel good on the inside.

You need to change your appearance in a small or even big way, whatever is going to let you see yourself in a more positive way. When you feel that you are looking good this will automatically reflect on the inside and make you feel better about yourself also.

2. Criticism – This is a very big cause for self esteem problems in any person. When you are criticized by others around you all the time you are going to begin feeling bad about yourself.

The best way for dealing with a big problem like this is to get away from any person that thinks negatively and get around people that think positively instead. Negativity only makes people feel bad, but positivity can impact self esteem in a big and good way.

3. -Unhealthy lifestyle or bad health – A lot of people don’t realize that bad health or an unhealthy lifestyle can really have a negative impact on how you feel about yourself. It is essential that you exercise on a regular basis and live a healthy lifestyle because the better you are feeling physically the better you will feel psychologically and emotionally as well.

4. Social pressures – These days this is one of the biggest causes for low self esteem in a lot of people around the world. Society expects a lot from every individual and if you can’t live up to what they expect from you then it can easily make you feel negatively towards yourself.

It is vital to understand that society as a whole does not have high self esteem because if they did they would not always be judging other people or trying to make them conform to something that an individual is not.

You have to realize that you were made to be unique and an individual, so ignore the social pressures, get to know yourself and realize you are a good person and a positive and high self confidence level will follow.

Now you know the most common causes for any person’s low self esteem, but these are not all of the causes. You can learn about others with a little research, but the one thing that you have to keep in mind is that you need to identify the cause of low self esteem in yourself before you can begin to turn that around into positive self esteem, so make getting to know yourself your number one priority.

Mark Babcock provides simple techniques and tools so you can build self esteem and change your thinking and have a better life. Signup for his free Health, Happiness, and Wellness Newsletter and the report How To Be Your Best Self. http://www.nosecretto.com

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