Why should one have a high Self Esteem?

How would you feel on looking at your own image in a mirror? What would be your words while describing yourself to someone? Would you give yourself the credit you deserve? Do you think your friends look better and more attractive than you? Do you have a belief in yourself? Can you make your own decisions? Your answers to these questions exemplify your self esteem level.

One way to look at it is as follows: Your self esteem is like a barometer. If your self esteem is low, then, you need to raise the level. If it is high, then, you are OK.

To say it in simple terms: self esteem is your own opinion about yourself. It is a psychological name used to reflect an individual’s overall appraisal and evaluation in his own merit. Self esteem plays a vital role in building a person’s happiness, thereby fulfilling his relationships and achievements. Building a good self esteem would help you attain a successful life. It assists you in crafting better choices on your mind and body, thereby making you think that you are important. With a good self esteem, you may feel that every part of you is worth significant and thus you become fit enough to make your own decisions.

One could have either a low self esteem or high self esteem. High self esteem is having a good opinion about yourself, whereas low self esteem is having a bad opinion about yourself. A person with a low self esteem generally has a poor self image. Everyone would have definitely had a high self esteem when they were kids. Kids do not distinguish themselves in a good or bad manner. They are neither superior nor inferior, and this quality happens to play a major role in developing one’s self esteem. A kid growing up with fine encouraging words from his parents is predicted to have a good self esteem. It is very much important to build up your self esteem right from childhood. This helps you when you become older and face tough situations.

A person’s self image depends on how he sees himself. Initially ask yourself, whether you are a good, reliable, honest, friendly or hardworking person. Your working atmosphere also concerns a lot in building your self esteem. With a low self esteem, negative thinking often pops into your mind, thereby grounding you to accept the criticisms that others make of you. This eventually leads you to lose your self confidence and self motivation.

By having a high level of self esteem, you could live life to your potential. With a good self esteem you are smart enough to face challenges. It promotes your self confidence with high motivation, thus providing you with the right attitude to succeed. High self esteem gives you the power to trust yourself and encourages you to try new things. It lets you to develop your self respect too. Hence if you are the one looking for the road to success, then there is nothing other than self esteem to start up with.

The Author focuses on working with people with low self esteem and subtly change their mental outlook to gain a positive meaning to their lives. The author has written many informative articles on how to build confidence and gain self esteem as well.

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