Your Feelings Are Important Too!

To connect with individuals on a deeper and meaningful level we need to start listening. Our society has adopted an idea that if anyone is experiencing pain or heart ache no matter the reasoning behind it, we need to be sympathetic and remind them there are others worse off. By having this attitude and application everyone around us, we are disregarding their feelings that they have every right to feel. We destroy their inner beings and give them ammunition to beat themselves up with. We need to break from this and start truly listening to their hurt. Be there to tell them they have every right to feel what they do and that they should not be ashamed to feel what they are. Empathy is the gateway to connecting like we should be (as it has been lost over the years of selfishness) and lifting another person up. It is not our role to put people down but to help them up and this article is challenging exactly that.
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