Your Spouse Suffers From Low Self Esteem? 5 Clear Methods to Help Them

Having a spouse who suffers from low self esteem can be agony. Common characteristics of low self esteem are not being to make decisions, a negative look of the world and the need to rule over their spouse-you. If you are reading this article because your spouse suffers from low self esteem then I’m sure that you wish that I am going to reveal some magic potion that will build their self esteem and allow you to have a good married life.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any magic potions (and either does anyone else have one) and the truth is that YOU can’t build their self esteem, only they can. They have to do everything, we are merely their strong support system to help them.

That being said, in this article you will learn 5 specific things that you can do to raise your husband’s/wife’s self esteem.

1. Identify old hobbies and interests. Sit down with your husband/wife and try to help them recall what they used to like to do in the past. Encourage them to do more of this or take a class. Perhaps you will both be interested and can learn or practice together.

2. Give a little something for nothing.It’s amazing the effect a cheap little gift has on person’s self esteem. . Be careful, though, to give nice presents on birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. When they receive something cheap on those special days they will feel even worse about themselves. They will feel that they don’t deserve more than that.

3. Never to snub them; even when there is nobody else around. Don’t put your spouse down or make generalized comments like “you never take out the trash” or “you always leave a mess in the kitchen”. These comments will make your spouse feel they do everything wrong. And saying bad things about them in public is never acceptable and will just embarrass them and knock them down emotionally.

4. Show that you are interested in them. Have you ever the time to know what their favorite animal or song is? Do you know their ambitions and dreams? Find out these things and use the information. If you find out your wife likes turtles, buy her a turtle ornament, for example, “just because”. Find out her favorite dinner and make it for her. This demonstrates your love and care for your spouse by actions, which speak louder than words. Asking questions about what your spouse likes and doesn’t like is a great way to build intimacy and show that you are interested in everything about them.

5. Don’t make decisions by yourself. One of the most powerful compliments that you can give someone is to ask what they thing about something. You must always take your partner’s views into consideration when making a decision. Whether it is a major purchase or just a small thing, ask what your spouse thinks. Whether you are deciding where to go on vacation or changing the color of the bedroom carpet, ask them. This tells them that you trust and value them and this can greatly enhance your marriage.

Your wife’s or husband’s low self esteem is at the bottom of a ton of marital problems. You can’t change them yourself but you are surely able to help them to build their self esteem. Implement the above 5 ideas and enjoy your marriage with someone with a better self esteem.

It’s no fun to be married to a spouse with low self esteem. If you want to start living again then visit and learn how you can improve your marriage despite your spouse’s low self esteem.

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